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At Kakia Oils, we’re dedicated to transforming the landscape of agricultural production in Nairobi, Kenya, and beyond. We are a brand committed to purity, quality, and ethical practices.


Alexis is an easy-going, adventurous, self-driven and compassionate Chris- tian and Social Development Special- ist that has worked with hundreds of thousands of people in many rural and urban disenfranchised communities in Kenya, for almost two decades through many local organizations and INGOs.

Having struggled with eczema way into her young adulthood, she experimented with plant oils and successfully man- aged her condition. Upon quitting employment,

she made the resolution in 2018 to commercially pursue her long-standing passion for plant oils.

She is a mother of two that enjoys nature, reading, music, movies and experiment- ing with edible and non-edible recipes. She is passionate about causes touching on economic development, animal wel- fare, vulnerable children and women and environmental conservation.

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